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    Member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists

  • About Myra

    Experienced Relationship and Individual Counsellor

  • Relate Certified Couple Counsellor & Advanced Diploma in Counselling.


    I have been counselling both couples and individuals for in excess of 25 years, and have many thousands of counselling hours behind me, which informs my work together with my own experiences of life.

    I offer you a safe non-judgemental space to explore your thoughts and feelings about the problems you are experiencing and work with you to improve every aspect of your life.

    Many problems stem from a breakdown in communication and my job is to help you work on your current issues and move forward as quickly as possible to a better sustainable place where you are happier and more confident.

    Communication is at the heart of all human relationships, and it is often fear that holds us back.

    Research shows the first eight Counselling sessions are the most important in moving towards change and while some clients have enough insight to move on with their lives at this point, others feel they are at the start of a more in-depth journey.

    The initial session is an assessment for both of us, for me to feel competent with the issues you’re bringing and for you to believe I’m the right person for you to work with.

    Counselling is most effective once a week, but with today’s changing working patterns I do my best to accommodate your availability.

    I am currently offering telephone appointments, FaceTime or zoom sessions. These are for 60 minutes.

    If you would like to book an initial consultation session please get in contact with me using the form below.

  • Testimonials

    What people are saying about working with Myra

  • Susan and Robert "Without Myra there would be no ‘us’. Thank you for the insight and the for help that gave us the courage to change.


    We are in a completely different place and have both found happiness together and within ourselves."


    Rachel "Working with Myra is one of the best investments I have made in my life. I just wish I had done it earlier. She really helped me to explore who I am and why I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. She brings so much of her experience to the table and, if I am honest, is very adept at calling a spade a spade. There is really no beating around the bush. What I achieved with her in three months was more than the years of work I had done with my previous therapist. Thank you Myra."


    Tony and Susanna "We had really lost the ability to communicate as a couple and felt like we had become like ships that pass in the night. Working with Myra really supported us to better understand what our individual needs were for our relationship and then be able to talk about them openly. Once we were able to do that we found we still had so much in common but had just not been able to find a way to talk about them and make time for each other. We're really grateful to have had the chance to work with Myra and really recommend working with her."


    Daniella and Christine "Myra was recommended to us by a friend - she is kind hearted and listens so well. We both felt that the depth and breadth of experience really helped us to quickly understand what was going on in our relationship and see it for what it really was! Thank you once again for listening to us and working with us - we are so much more content."


    Eleanor "When I first met Myra I was not in the best place - she really helped me to better understand what was driving my behaviours. I feel like I was able to make some changes to how I think and how I behave really quickly. Myra is also straight talking and I found that really helped me. I would recommend Myra to anyone looking to better understand themselves. Thank you once again Myra."


    Bo "Working with Myra has been fascinating - for years I struggled through relationships often finding myself in similar difficult situations. After working with Myra I have a really clear understanding of who I am, where I have come from and where I want to go. It just makes sense to me now and I feel confident that I can make the necessary changes in my behaviours and way of thinking to have healthier relationships."


    John "To be honest I was really reluctant to go to these sessions with my wife. I thought it would be a very one sided experience. But actually, I found having a space where we can both say exactly how we are feeling in a safe and moderated way really helped our relationship. Myra really surprised me - I felt like I had a voice in her sessions and I don't think we'd be in the place we are now without her."


    Stephen - "When I met Myra I was very depressed. My life was largely painful and I had little hope. Initially she helped me let in a little light and see it was possible to feel alive. It was a deeply rewarding experience and I wholeheartedly recommend her to you and wish you well on your journey."

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